There is something mystical about this city: Budapest! Something ambiguous that made it hard to clearly define why the attraction!?
The glamour of the monarchical capital, the pompous shining of the Old Lady behind the rust of the ages, echoing the laughter of noble women and men in the saloons of the crystal palaces with fragments of undefined songs sounding so familiar… and yet, the young, vivid and harsh party place, the city that wants to live like there’s no tomorrow with flashing lights and beats of the night with pubs and bars echoing the laughter of boys and girls enjoying the life…
yes, the “Joie de Vivre”! That’s it: the eternal “joie de vivre” present throughout the ages is what maybe best characterizes this city. So let this be also the motto of our festival!

Come and enjoy all the beauties Budapest and El Sabor has to offer and then party this last summer weekend with us like there is no tomorrow!

So now you only have to wait








until it starts!


GRAND MILONGAS… located in marvelous places in the heart of Budapest, with perfect dancefloor and with carefully selected DJ’s.

Daily milongas… in unique ambiance with terraces and refreshing drinks

Workshops… with wonderful maestros, strong teaching methods focusing on the joy of the dance.

… and special after- PARTY’s with an unforgettable pubbing feeling!!!!

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Pablo Rodriguez & Corina Herrera

 Roberto Zuccarino & Maria Ines Bogado

Sercan Yigit & Zeynep Aktar

Antonella Terrazas

Special Guest

René-Marie Meignan & Tania Heer


Alex Hawat

Alessandro Cippola

Djurdina Sijakovic

Konrad Krynksi

Balázs Gyenis


Pablo Rodriguez & Corina Herrera

– Corporal conscience and technique, conection and embrace
– Embrace, space and comfort; discovering your own embrace
– Elements for improvisation, changing linear and circular movements
– Voleos and circular movements
– Orchestras! History of develop of tango music, elements for interpretation.
– Rythmical complex squences. Milonguero style.

Roberto Zuccarino & Maria Ines Bogado

– Foundations of the old “cadence”, difficulties in the transitions of the close to open embrace in some structures.
– Vals: Giros y Sacadas:Playing with figures
– Milonga from A to Z
– Giro seminars: communication in turns, elasticity control and dynamic. effect for giros and contra giro
– Dynamic sequences of Barridas and sacadas
– Enrosques: technique and individual mechanic for men and women. application in the dance floor

Sercan Yigit & Zeynep Aktar

– An ideal movement for small spaces: different uses of ocho cortado and embellishment for ladies
– Introduction to boleos for both men and women; Understanding the concept of boleo in social dance
– 5 ways to change directions in the dance and adaptation of ladies with embellishments
– Adaptate your dance to crowded spaces: combination of boleos and ganchos to apply in reduced spaces
– Creative Sacadas for both men and women
– Have fun with complex barridas

Antonella Terrazas

– Let’s dance with a few basics of Tango: Walking-Connexion-Embrace
– Let’s embrace for real: important elements to create a comfortable close embrace, taking care of your partner.
– Leading: This  is a language that it’s based in logical movements of the body, if we understand how the body and the dynamics work we can lead clear without extra force. Good communication it’s the key of good dancers
– Let’s create! : how to create figures with some elements: walking-pivots-ochos


Grand Milonga Thursday & Sunday

Elte Library
Adress: Ferenciek tere 6, 1056 Budapest

Ferenciek tere 6, 1056 Budapest

Grand Milonga Friday & Saturday

Adress Budapest, 1088 Múzeum körút 2-4.

1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede utca 41


Högyválasz Dancestudio
Adress: 1061 Budapest, Paulay Ede utca 41.


Excellent prices with a large variation of packages to satisfy all needs form beginners to maestros and milongueros to professional addicts.


Milonga Pack


4 milongas

El Borracho


4 milongas

3 cafes

Tanguero on the move


4 milongas

4 workshop classes



All ws classes


Roberto Zuccarino & Maria Ines Bogado € 25
Pablo Rodriguez & Corina Herrera € 25
Sercan Yigit & Zeynep Aktar € 25
Antonella Terrazas € 25


MILONGAS Price until 30 June Price
Thursday Milonga € 15 € 20
Friday Milonga € 22 € 25
Saturday Milonga € 22 € 25
Sunday Milonga € 15 € 20
Tango Café € 5 € 10


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