Technique workshop with Antonella Terrazas

Technique workshop with Antonella Terrazas

ANTONELLA TERRAZAS is coming to Budapest again, and this time she is not only giving technique classes to women, but men as well!

She is the partner of Sebastion Arce, technique virtuoso, who had been raised and trained by her father (one of the best choreographers of Buenos Aires).
Her classes are characterized by “hard working”, logically structured syllabus and good atmosphere.
This will be THE workshop you will leave with enlightenment, clear basics, and a purified dance, since you will perfectly see what makes or not an giro, boleo, or your walk work.
Plus, you will have something to practice for a whole year!


14th of January (Saturday), 2:00-5:00 pm
– Walking: feet technique , correct posture and the use of the hip.
– Technique of giros on time and double time: where disosiations and asociations help us to keep the circular energy, where we usually loose control and how to manage it.
– Boleos: legs and hip positions during low or high boleo, how our arms should operate in open or close embrace.

15th of January (Sunday), 2:00-5:00 pm
– Usual “mistakes” in ochos forward and backards – where are they and why its important to fix them and how?
– Embellishment & music: how much time it should take, should we always wait for it to make embellishment? How to coordinate it with the music and the partner? Wich embellishment are better or worse for some specific orchestras?
– Embellishment for some traditional figures: ochos,ocho cortado,parada,mordida,salida basica.
– Learning to lead some figures to understand the other side and improve ours : salida basica,ochos, boleos.


14th of January (Saturday), 2:00-5:00 pm
-Walking: how to be grounded? Why does it feel better for followers?
Giros centrifugados, agujas

15th of January (Sunday), 2:00-5:00 pm
– Feet position, orchestras and their diferent ways to step on
– Technique for enrosques and lapices


EARLY BlRD: registration & payment until 15th of December
Women technique – 2 days: Early Bird 62 EUR, normal price 75 EUR
Women technique – 1 day: Early Bird 36 EUR, normal price 46 EUR
Men technique – 2 days: Early Bird 30 EUR, normal price 36 EUR
Men technique – 1 day: Early Bird 17 EUR normal price 20 EUR

Further information and registration at

It’s a technique class, which means you don’t need a partner!


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