The 10th edition has to be legendary! Not only bigger but also longer… this edition of El Sabor de Hungría will be everything the previous editions had to offer: comfortably large venue situated in the heart of Budapest, great maestros with easy-going personality, super-cool DJ’s, beautiful dancers and of course palinka party with special surprises starting already on Wednesday!
This edition once again will be role-balanced and the number of participants will be limited however we will make everything possible to make it a festival with the friendliest ronda and a marathon with no stiff-upper-lip!
What you have to do? Register!
Let everybody know that you are coming here: Facebook event
Check your e-mail and follow the process
Bring your beautiful energies and enjoy the party!
Let’s celebrate and spice up the flow for the 10th time!

Our offer that makes this festival unique is based on the following “ingredients”:
– Seminars and workshops from great international MAESTROS
– Amazing locations designed for perfect RONDAS
– Cca. 43 hours of dancing throughout the festival – only high quality, pure TANGO!
– Daily Milongas
– Accommodation for all needs
– Special discounts for young tanguer@s and TANGO YOUNG members
– … aaaand our FRIENDS! Yes, that means great, comfortable dancers just like YOU! 😉

The perfect atmosphere will be provided with the help of our Angel Team made up of enthusiastic local dancers and friends from abroad, who will make sure that you have a very relaxing yet intense experience.

Trans-culturalization with chacarera and csárdás, gulyás, wines and of course… PÁLINKA!

All this in the magical atmosphere of this beautiful city: BUDAPEST

10th El Sabor de Hungría – Tango Festival con Palinka starts in:









Daily and night MILONGAS… located in Gólyavár (Stork Castle), with perfect dancefloor and with carefully selected DJs in the heart of the city

Workshops… with wonderful maestros, strong teaching methods focusing on the joy of dancing


Haris & Natasha

Fausto & Stephanie

Emilio & Kseniia

Pablo & Antonella


DJ Osky

DJ Monika

DJ Konrad

DJ Nicoleta

DJ Robi

DJ Djurdjina

DJ Saša

DJ Narcos

DJ Ági


Fausto Carpino &
Stephanie Fesneau

  • Embrace forms, structure and their elasticity
  • Rhythmic combinations for vals 1
  • Rhythmic combinations for vals 2
  • Different solutions for crosses
  • Combinations of sacadas and barridas
  • Turns with enrosques and lapiz

Haris Mihail &
Natasha Lewinger

  • Rhythmical structures for Juan D’Arienzo for close embrace with cross system and contratiempo
  • Followers’ technique. Technique for ochos, planeos and boleos. Basic structure, analyzing the work of the shoulder blades, the knees and the hips, exercises for the torso and the free leg
  • Mind-body connection practice (not in couples). Agility exercises for embellishments in tango, milonga and vals
  • Volcada milonguera. Discovering the sensation of the apilado. Embrace, posture, axis, counter energy and circular movements
  • Embellishments for couples. Embellishments in simple structures for rhythmical tangos
  • Milonga. Crosses and rebounds. Simple and fun combinations for milonga

Emilio Cornejo &
Kseniia Krasnova

  • Chacarera. From the basics to improvisation. Rhythm and step. Exploration of the turns

  • Zamba. Freedom of the movement. Pañuelo- language of communication in dance. Finding your own expression in the movement

  • Folklore libre. Chacarera  – expanding the base of the dance. Movements, turns and choreography elements can be used to improvise and interact with a partner.

  • Folklore libre. Zamba – expanding the base of the dance. Movements, turns and choreography elements can be used to improvise and interact with a partner

Pablo Rodriguez &
Antonella Terrazas

  • Exploring the communication and an active role of the follower in the dance

  • Exploring the concept of being grounded and keep the energy during the dance. Heaviness, smoothness and control of movement.

  • Spiral sequences. Using of turns and close embrace keeping circularity in small spaces

  • Leaders/followers technique. One hour working of a full technique review and esthetics elements and half hour to connect in couple

  • Building the interpretation: Melodic connections and rhythmical options using syncope and contratiempos.

  • The art of walking and details of openings and traditional sequences, using in the learning and teaching


Grand Milongas & Daily Milongas

Gólyavár, ELTE University
Address: 1082 Budapest, Múzeum körút 4/g

Workshop Classes

Art’s Harmony Studio
Address: 1085 Budapest, Rökk Szilárd utca 11.


Excellent prices with a large variation of packages to satisfy all needs form beginners to maestros and milongueros to professional addicts.


Milonga Package Small

Super Early Bird


Early Bird


Normal price


4 Grand Milongas

El Borracho


Super Early Bird


Early Bird


Normal price


4 Grand Milongas + 3 Daily Milongas



Super Early Bird


Early Bird


Normal price


5 Grand Milongas + 3 Daily Milongas



Tanguero on the move

Super Early Bird


Early Bird


Normal price


4 Grand Milongas + 4 Workshop classes



Super Early Bird –
until 16 March
Early Bird –
until 31 May
Normal price –
from 1 June
Milonga Package Big € 96 € 105 € 115
Daily Milonga € 13 € 15 € 20
Workaholic* € 180 € 210 € 230
Workshop class € 20 € 23 € 25
Welcome Milonga Wednesday € 20
Grand Milonga Thursday € 25
Grand Milonga Friday € 30
Grand Milonga Saturday € 30
Grand Milonga Sunday € 25
Tango Boat** € 30

* Available only with couple registration! No milongas included, only workshop classes

** Tickets for the Tango Boat can only be purchased on Thursday evening at the Grand Milonga registration desk.


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