Mother’s Day celebrations have brought many stories to Facebook in recent weeks, ranging from funny poems about motherhood to inspiring videos, touching memories, and personal life stories. As a mother of two little girls who strives to keep my tango life alive, I have experienced countless phases, fluctuating between overwhelming happiness and the hardest, darkest times of my life. I have lost and found, or rather, recreated myself after pregnancy, spending endless days and nights without sleeping, longing to put my high heels back on and attend a milonga or a tango event again.

I have waited for my daughters to be old enough so I could leave for a weekend alone, entrusting them to their dad or grandparents. Then comes all the organization to make that getaway happen: making arrangements, preparing everything in advance, while trying to overcome the killer guilt of going away and leaving them at home. Calling them every two hours, worrying about everything, only to realize they will be just fine without me. I’ve rediscovered the beauty of a night of uninterrupted sleep and enjoyed drinking an entire cup of hot coffee, perhaps for the first time in years. And then traveling as a family is a whole different business: taking shifts at the milongas, tailoring the schedule for everyone, fine-tuning, and re-planning, sometimes ten times a day.

Now, I want to celebrate us, TANGO MOTHERS. You are among the biggest heroes of the community because I know deep down how much effort it takes to keep your tango life going. I have a special personal offer for you: 50% off all available packages for the next two weeks (until 4 June, so you have time to organize your family for the project 😊). If you’d like to bring the family along, we have a supervised children’s corner during the afternoon milongas.

Please email us at elsabor@barriodeltango.hu and share a story you’ve experienced as a tango mom — a joy, a struggle, or anything you’d like to share with us and (optionally) the tango community! In your reply message, you will receive a promo code to apply the discount to your registration!

Photo: Marta Kossakowska